Monitor Your Employees with Keylogger for Windows 8

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Top Features of Keylogger For Windows 8

If you are unsure as to whether or not your employees are using their time wisely you may want to consider monitoring the office activities with a keylogger. It is very easy for employees to erase their activities on a computer when they log off at the end of the day. This is where keylogger for windows 8 which runs undetected can be beneficial in curbing employee misbehavior.

An employee keylogger is a viable option for company leaders who want to ensure productivity in their team. keylogger for windows 8 also provides a way for employers to evaluate the progress and work ethics of their employees. It is also important to mention that the use of this type of software may not be legal depending upon the area where you are located. It is wise to check the laws before your deploy keylogger for windows 8. That said here is an overview of keylogger for windows 8 for employee monitoring.

Keylogger for Windows 8 Features

When you deploy keylogger for windows 8 it will run in the background of the PCs your employees are using. If you choose high quality keylogger for windows 8 it will run in what is known as stealth mode. This means that the software is undetectable by the PC user and can only be accessed via a password by you. Other features include:

  • Desktop Screenshots: keylogger for windows 8 that you deploy for monitoring employees is capable of recording PC desktop screenshots. You can configure the software to record screenshots at different intervals during the course of the day.
  • Keystroke Recording: keylogger for windows 8 will record and log all of the keystrokes employees perform including the input of data in business applications.
  • Record Conversations: Quality keyloggers software is capable of monitoring chat conversations which take place on VoIP applications such as Skype and Windows Live Messenger.
  • Website Visitation: keylogger for windows 8 will monitor what websites your employees are visiting during the workday. The software will record the websites and then place them in the log along with the data from keystrokes and conversations.

How to Access Data on Keylogger for Windows 8

To access the data which is recorded and logged from the keylogger for windows 8, the manner in which you gain access will depend upon the program you are using. If the keylogger is in the form of an external device you can access it via password. The same access method is also used for keylogger for windows 8.

If you are using an external keylogger device that is equipped with WiFi it is possible to access the data by logging into your email account. This type of device contains its own CPU and is not visible in any files or folders on a PC.

Another method of access to the recorded data is via File Transfer Protocol or FTP which is typically set up as a server on your local network. You can also set up access for multiple employee accounts on one PC.

Although technology can improve workplace productivity at the same time it can also be a distraction for your employees due to access to the Internet which is readily available. Keylogger programs can help you boost productivity in your company across the board.

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